Wholesale Tenants

  • We only commit to establish relationships with producers that share our passion for quality.

  • Sustainability is a must – both socially and environmentally – and each grower must be willing to disclose any and all requested information for verification.

  • We will always pay, at the very least, 25% above the Fair Trade minimum to the grower -- often it exceeds 50%.

  • Our "At Origin" sourcing model is a partnership and we commit to support the producers through education and monetary incentives.

  • .Yearly farm and cooperative visits are a must since this is where we are able to witness conditions and strive to effect change.

Wholesale Partnership


The only thing that would make us happier than serving our fresh-roasted, meticulously-sourced coffee in our coffeehouse, would be to bend over backwards for businesses that would like to do the same for their customers.

While we know our wholesale coffee is not for everyone, and that’s ok, we are fully committed to those who share in our passion and appreciation for coffee that was surrounded by ridiculous amounts of care from the shrub all the way to our roaster. Stellar coffee doesn’t just happen, nor does industry leading coffee service.  Because providing the freshest roasted beans is not enough.  We promise to support you with what it takes to turn coffee beans into the flavorful and aromatic beverage you have come to love and respect so much.  That is what being a “partner” is all about.


We’ve built a training curriculum designed entirely around making your coffee program an absolute success.  It’s really simple.  We search high and low to find the best beans on earth and roast them to order every time.  Then we give you the know-how to brew the coffee properly according to standards we’ve set that are based on countless hours of testing and tweaking until we felt it was worthy of the Portola Coffee Lab label.  You will reap the benefit of this arduous process.

And the current skill level of your staff doesn't matter.  Our program is designed for the novice and experienced alike.  Our training staff is second-to-none and ready to advise on all aspects of your coffee service including bar flow, bar efficiency, equipment layout, brewing science, latte art, proper drink preparation, equipment selection, equipment maintenance, to name a few.  Your success is our success – it can’t be put any better.


We have established relationships with the best equipment manufacturers in existence.  From our years of experience devoted to brewing science, we have the utmost respect for these tools-of-the-trade.  We receive special pricing from the vendors we endorse and we pass this on to our wholesale customers.  We understand what it means to be a small business these days and shop build outs and equipment upgrades are expensive.  We get it.  That is what motivates us to help those who remind us of ourselves in our beginning.  A world-class coffee program doesn’t just happen.  Our mission is to make this goal that much easier for you to achieve.  It is what drives us.


After all, this is what it is all about. The way we purchase coffee is not quick or easy.  Certainly there are more efficient ways of making a simple raw coffee purchase, but ease and expediency are not what leads to the best beans. To take a journey into our world of sourcing, click HERE.