Our Philosophy...

What you taste in our coffee comes from the earth and our roaster - a product of influence and letting be.  For us, roasting is not a process of automation, but of creativity and passion.  From dropping a batch of raw beans into our roaster, to scooping the just-roasted beans into our bags, our hands are involved in every step.  This is handcraft and it is slow and inefficient - for a reason.

What we offer you is unique, rare, and often exclusive.  They have passed our rigorous test, which is no small feat, and now join a lineup of coffees that we consider the best of the best.  Roasted specifically to unleash the natural flavors contained within - what you taste is nature and the hard work of incredibly devoted farmers - pure and unadulterated.


A Scientific Approach

Just like with anything, methodology matters.  There are many approaches a coffee company can take when turning a raw green coffee bean brown.  We have found that the scientific model, as well as modern technology, provides us the means to constantly tweak our processes at the roaster.  We are not OK with getting in the ballpark of a perfect roast.  We also do not believe it is alright to hit our mark most of the time.  It is about hitting our target and doing it every single time we drop a batch of beans into our roaster.  In coffee, quality is not born - it is achieved.  Not stopping until we get it right and obsessing over the details is why our coffee tastes the way it does.  Sharing the fruits of our labor is our reward.