Getting a piece of mail (that is not junk mail) in your mailbox is something that doesn’t happen very much anymore.  However, we want to change that.  We want to get you excited about “snail mail” again!  And to do that— we have created the Portola Postcard Project.

This project was created with the intentions of educating our customers on new coffees that Portola has in our coffee line-up in a way that lets you connect with your friends in a non-traditional way.


There are several ways that this works:

  1. Send the Portola Postcard in the mail to someone.
  2. That person then can bring in the postmarked postcard to any of our shops for a 20% discount on their transaction.
  3. Or that person can send an email to and upload a picture of the postcard they received with a stamp and postmark.  Please make sure you include your email address as well as the email address of your friend who sent you the card.  In return- you will both receive a coupon for 20% off that can be used online.
  • If you collect 6 unique postcards and bring them into one of our shops, you will receive a free coffee beverage of your choice (excluding Geisha).