Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is Here!

Now serving Mr. Holmes pastries! Come and get them at all of our locations excluding the Orange Circle location inside Provisions market!

Seasonal Pastries

Come on in and enjoy one of Mr. Holmes seasonal pastry offerings. Current seasonal pastries are:

Lemon Meringue Pie Croissant
Cheesecake Creme Brûlée Restes
"Just Try It" Croissant
Gorgonzola Shiitake Mushroom Danish


Mr. Holmes Boxes

Tired of coming in and not seeing the certain pastries you wanted? Well contact us ahead of time and we will put together your box of at least 6 pastries for you!

How to Reserve:

To reserve your box of pastries, send us an email at info@portolacoffee.com by 5pm the day before you wish to pick up your box!

Let us know which location you would like to pay and pick them up at and what assortment of pastries you would like (subject to availability).

Prices start at $18 (box of six cookies) and go up to $36 (box of 6 just try it croissants).